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€15.00 -

▼This Template includes:


➜Serum Presets

➜Sylenth1 Presets

➜Spire Presets

➜One Shots & Drum Loops
➜1 Project Files for FL Studio 20



Presets / Samples / Drum Loops Prewiev

- BS Mesto 4

- BS Mesto 5

- BS Mike Williams

- LD Brooks

- LD Vocal Shot 5

- CH Don Diablo

- CH Brooks 5

- CH Mesto 8

- Kick 09

- Preshifted Clap Loop 10

- Drop Clap Loop 1

- Buildup Drums 1

- Buildup Drums 9

- Drum Loop 12

- Drum Loop 16

- Short Fill 8

- Riser 1 D

- Riser 8 A

- Riser 18 C

- Riser 19 A

- Riser 25 F

- Downlifter 1

- Crowd Fx

- Short Fx 9

  • Which version of Sylenth1 do i need for this soundbank ?
    In order to use the soundbank you will need Sylenth1 version 2.2.1 or higher
  • Which DAW will i need for this pack ?
    In order to use the soundbanks you will need any DAW that can load VST-Plugins like Sylenth1 and Serum. To use the Sample Pack you will need any DAW that can load WAV samples. For the Project Files you will need FL Studio 12 (we recommend version 12.5)
  • How do i recieve my product ?
    As soon as you purchased this product we will process your order almost instantly and then the download will start automaticaly. Also you will recieve an email along with the download link
  • What payment methods are accepted ?
    In order to make the checkout process as simple and fast as possible we process all payments through PayPal. However, NO PayPal account is required, if you use Credit Card or Direct debit.Contact our support if you need any assistance with your payments.

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